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Transport Infrastructure Project Management

Transport related projects are significant investments that are critical to the success of a company and the local community impacted by the development. They require careful and diligent management to deliver the desired outcome.

Traditionally, transport projects have been managed by the engineers who are responsible for the design and technical supervision of the works. The management and coordination of the project has been a secondary function and has been treated accordingly; as a result transport infrastructure sector projects are often not delivered on time or within budget. They are technically sound and well built, but frequently fail to meet the sponsors’ and shareholders’ time and cost expectations.

These projects warrant the appointment of a specialist that focuses solely on the management of their delivery. An independent Project Manager - a Savills Project Manager.

Savills has honed its project management skills in the construction industry, and with more than 30 years of experience is now applying these same skills to a wide range of projects.

View some of our transport projects:
Macquarie Metro

Macquarie Metro, NSW

Client: Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Ltd
Completion date: 2023
Services: Project management

ASA Program

ASA National Towers Program, NAT

Client: Air Services Australia
Completion date: Stage Delivery
Services: Project Management, Superintendent’s Representative, Business Case Development, Program management

PDT4 Lounge

PDT4 Lounge Upgrades, WA

Client: Qantas Airways Limited
Completion date: 2015
Services: Project management

Legacy Way Tollroad QLD

Legacy Way Tollroad Control Centre, QLD

Client: Brisbane City Council / Transcity
Completion date: 2013
Services: Project management, Development management

Qantas PDT3

Perth Domestic Terminal 3, WA

Client: Qantas Airways Limited
Completion date: 2013
Services: Project management

Christchurch Terminal Expansion

Christchurch Terminal Development, NZ

Client: Christchurch International Airport Limited
Completion date: 2012
Services: Project management

Perth Growth Phase 1 & 2

Perth Growth Phases 1 and 2, WA

Client: Qantas Airways Limited
Completion date: 2012
Services: Project management

Christchurch Transport Interchange

Christchurch Transport Interchange, NZ

Client: Christchurch City Council
Completion date: 2010
Services: Project management

Virgin Terminal QLD

Virgin Australia Terminal Development, QLD

Client: Virgin Australia
Completion date: 2008
Services: Project management


Key contacts

Adam Thomas | NSW

Adam Thomas

Senior Director
Project Management

+61 (0) 419 140 858


Ken Ng | QLD

Ken Ng

State Director - QLD
Project Management

+61 (0) 404 812 884


David Hayden | VIC

David Hayden

State Director - VIC
Project Management

+61 (0) 419 667 657


Graham Nash | WA

Graham Nash

State Director - WA
Project Management

+61 (0) 417 011 059


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